Sunday, November 25, 2012


Mom and I had a great trip to Glenwood Springs - five full days with four nights at the Hotel Colorado - built 1893 - really old for out here - and famous as one place where the first Teddy Bear was created for T. Roosevelt.  The place was ablaze with Christmas decorations - the main lobby had half a dozen trees 14 foot trees and the halls more with Santas, etc.  We had relaxing breakfasts of tea and berry parfaits sitting in the very large lobby in front of fake fires and had a drink before Thanksgiving dinner in the same spot.

I swam three times in the hot pool, had a massage at the spa - my hip felt great for three days! - and did a little walking around town.  Mom swam once and took several long walks around town.  It is attractive - spread out north to south but only five blocks wide.  The mountains around are rounded - not the continental divide rugged type.  We took a tram car up to the top of one for a nice lunch in the 55 degree sun out on the deck and did a quick trip in the big cave.  There are a bunch of amusement park type rides scattered around the top.

Thanksgiving Day we explored Redstone - a coke and coal town from the early 1900s that now consists of one street lined with cute and/or quaint houses ( maybe 40 of them and an inn) - and Marble where the stone for the Lincoln Memorial and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier came from.  They stopped working there for some fifty years but they are again cutting marble and we saw some big blocks but not the actual quarry.

Thanks to suggestions from our neighbor who grew up in town and whose brother still lives there and operates the hot springs - good deal - we got some leads on places to eat and had four good dinners.  A Thai place in Carbondale - 12 miles down the road - blended flavors in a fabulous way; the local Brew house did a spicy southwest ravioli that I'd love to imitate; thanksgiving dinner at the hotel was very traditional and the least exciting meal but the Pinot Noir from Sicily was delicious.

Thje six hour train ride was relaxing and the scenery changed a lot.  The last half of the trip going out and all the way back we had cloudless blue skies as we did all the time we were away.  We do need rain but this Indian Summer is nice to have.

I have been told we are out of space for photos.  We can but space at around $4 a month which seems high!  Maybe we need to start a new blog and get some free photo space.  It also says we are finished with Picasa space but I don't use Picasa - I use iphoto.  Does anyone know what this is all about?

   Try posting a blog and atataching a photo and see what you get.  In the meantime, I'll attach some3photos to an email.  I still want some help[ on Facebook - that ins probably the next step.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Thinking of everyone and hoping you are enjoying Turkey Day in your various locations. I'm so thankful for each and every one of you! Love to all...Elli

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Update from Downunder

Hi to everyone!  Thanks for all the news and photos...ours are way overdue.  So here's an attempt to correct that...

Ken is busy at work and enjoying his off-time walking Chai and pottering around in his workshop.  All my elderly clients are keeping me busy and entertained, and I'm back into my swimming routine.  I also enjoy an afternoon walk with the dog :)

Ken with Summa and her new brother Jackson

Rachael has recently moved into an apartment in Seaforth (near Manly) with her boyfriend Ben and a friend of theirs Josh. It's a five-minute walk to work, and a 15-minute stroll to the beach and the heart of Manly.  She is loving living in Sydney, but still manages to come up and see us on a regular basis.  Ken, Emily and I will be flying down on the first of December to spend four days with her, and we're looking forward to seeing what it's all about! 
Rachael and Ben on our deck

Emily is in the midst of end-of-school-year stress, with assignments due (music composition yesterday, ancient history today), and block exams starting in two weeks.  She took some time out yesterday to enjoy "Supanova" - Brisbane's gigantic "nerd convention" for all lovers of comics, anime, fantasy movies, etc, etc. - I believe she felt very much at home!

That's all the news for now...I promise not to wait so long til next time!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Summer Highlights 2012


         Here is an attempt to get on some photos from the summer in  order to have a record on the blog.  A few may have been seen but for me they capture some highlights.


New flagpole, old flags.  The pirates were there.
Storrs side gathering.
The beach as it was Aug. 4, 2012
Kellogg Side.
Mixed family.


Julie and Sarah join the Kelloggs
The kids play.

Elli arrives and she and Mom play with their new iPads.
 An early Labor Day picnic at the Storrs and both Sarah and Sammy entered college Labor Day Sunday
 The Fish Bait continues with Boscos sailing our boat 4th out seven.
 Two peas in a pod!  After 57 years we buy each other the same card and give the same present - a new tree for the shore.
 Anniversary - Julie and Drew drive down from Skidmore after leaving Sarah to celebrate with us.
 Finding photos in Paul Miiler's albums he loaned for the Aug. 4th event.  Returning to Princeton from first trip to Europe
 Anne visits and wind at Mah Jong.


 With grandparents on the campus.

Last night dinner.


             The big questions, how did go in Sandy and Athena?

                                              The night before - dinner and dancing.

My attempt at Indian dress - certainly didn't live up to the clothes imported from India.
Traditional dance from Pia's home state.  We newer got as fast as the professionals who taught us what to do.
The groom  with Aunt and Uncle.

Coming down Commonwealth Ave. surrounded by family on the way to meet the bride.

The Hindu Ceremony

Waiting for the Episcopal Ceremony
Greeting the bride after the second ceremony.


  Zach and Ann outside the clubhouse.
                       The Miller siblings.

Bride and groom before heading for Honeymoon in the Caribbean

                                         BACK IN BOULDER

                  Indian Summer picnic.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

W&L Parents' Weekend, 11.2.12Rugby

Rugby match against Hampden Sydney. Matt is #6.

Matt is just below the white square in the middle of the picture.

They won an exhausting match,....

Recapping some of the action after the game.
"At home" in Matt's room.